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in the end of the world


knowing the Torres del Paine


the end of the world


I booked a VIP boat trip to Magdalena Island to see the penguins but the day I chose looked like it was going to be very windy and rainy. So I went into the Turismo Comapa office in Punta Arenas and the nice woman quickly and expertly moved my day to a good weather day, no problem. The VIP experience was amazing. They picked us up from our hotel and took us to the boat. They let us on the boat first and put us in a private area up top with lots of empty seats. We got a snack and the personnel on the boat gave us information, a detailed map description and extra attention on the island. So nice to see the penguins in their natural environment! We got to disembark first and the transport was right there to take us back to our hotel. Great experience, I highly recommend!
The tour to Torres del Paine was outstanding. Our tour guide (Jorge) was always keen to explain to us many details about the place we were going to visit, with very relevant and interesting information. Totally recommended.
Marcela Mesias
Nice staff and nice tour.
Tomer Yasqulka
Excellent service. Well thought out Patagonia tour packages at a reasonable price. I had some issues with the process of booking and management responded quickly
Excellent atention. Excellent place. They guide you on all the tours there are and the most touristy places you can visit. The person who attended us was very friendly.
Ana Maria Chacon Sepulveda

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