From US$ 336 per night
Departures from Ushuaia or Punta Arenas.


The southernmost region of the world is witnessing the passing of the Expedition Cruises Mare, Via Australis and Stella Australis, which

invite you to browse through legendary sea routes that merge with the history of sailors and Aborigines in this unexplored parts of the Americas. An area as beautiful as indomitable as pure and awesome as perhaps no one ever imagined.

The Australis Cruises Expedition modern ships with leading-edge in terms of navigation and safety. With 63 cabins divided into 3 categories, included in all accommodations, exterior view, low beds, private bathroom, heating, closet and safe. With a deck of 370 square meters, games room, shop, nursery and open bar are ships designed and built to enjoy the convenience and in its fullness the wonderful southern landscapes.

All programs include:

  • Daily land excursions on Zodiacs to visit ancient glaciers, forests, bays, islands and national parks.
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and open bar for wines, liquors and beverages selected.
  • Talks about the flora, fauna, history and geography.
  • Activities on board

Rates Valided from September 2013 to April 2014

Prices per person in US$ (3 nights) Ushuaia-Punta Arenas

Cabin Promotional Departures Low High
B 1111 1389 1771
A 1595 1988 2440
AA 1674 2084 2554
AAA 1753 2181 2679
AA Superior 2108 2627 3183
AAA Superior 2207 2749 3338
Single* 2052 2562 3104

Prices per person in US$ (4 nights) Punta Arenas-Ushuaia

Cabin Promotional departures Low High Special
B 1346 1683 2148 2340
A 1932 2410 2957 3223
AA 2028 2526 3097 3375
AAA 2124 2644 3246 3540
AA Superior 2555 3183 3867 4254
AAA Superior 2675 3331 4054 4459
Single* 2487 3104 3772 4149

*Single Rates applies in B or A Category.  Single rate in AA, AAA, AA Sup or AAA Sup Will be 1.5 of the category rate AA Superior and AAA Superior are only available in M/V Stella Australis

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