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From US$ 48
Walk the bike paths of Punta Arenas

Enjoy an amazing guided tour around the city of Punta Arenas riding an electric bike all along the bikeways over the boardwalk of the Strait of Magellan and that go through the city, connecting places that will amaze you.

The tour starts on the bikeways of the city´s boardwalk, a place where you will have the chance to see several monuments as we go towards our first stop: the “Nao Victoria” of Ferdinand Magellan, Portuguese navigator who discovered the strait that takes bears his name. During 15 minutes, you will enjoy the sight of real scale replica of the ship of Ferdinand Magellan, which recreates the structure and includes the reproduction of daily use objects of the time, navigational instruments, artillery, and very similar figures of the main characters of the Magellan’s crew.

Later on, continuing our ride on the electrical bicycles we will get to the Tres Puentes wetland. Using a telescope in this place and under the supervision of the guide we will observe for 15 minutes the different species of birds existing in this beautiful area, which has been considered of a great importance for the conservation of the biodiversity of the Patagonian region.

Then, we will continue our eco-friendly electric bike tour and we will effortlessly enjoy the ascent along the Frei Avenue bike path, and we will descend on the Los Flamencos avenue.

Finally, we will return to the starting point, through the bikeways. The G.M. engine power will boost you up the Punta Arenas hills. These cool electric bikes will allow us to ride through Punta Arenas city in a fun, easy and eco-friendly way. An unforgettable experience. Enjoy beautiful sightseeings with the electric bike over one of the southernmost cities in the world, Punta Arenas!

The tour includes:

- Brief orientation for the safe use of the electric bicycle.

- Obligatory use of helmet and (optional) gloves.

-Wireless intercom (to listen the instructions and information of the guide.)

- Admission ticket for the “Nao Victoria”, snack with beverage.

- Observation of birds through a telescope.

1. Length of the tour: from 90 to 120 minutes app.

2. Groups: Minimum 2 people, maximum 6.

3. Languages: Spanish and English.

4. Reservations: At least 24 hours in advance.

5. Schedule: To be arranged with the group (morning and afternoon).

Regular departures: 09.00am and 14.00pm.

6. Meeting point: Start and end of the tour in the same place.

7. Services: Snack.

  • minimum  2 – maximum 6 people.
  • two daily departures at 09:00 am and 14:00 pm.
  • Departures from Colon Avenue between Prat and Mardonez Ports.
  • Price per person 48 usd
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