Price: $55.000
from Puerto Natales


The tour starts early in the morning with the first light of day. Despite what many think, this time crossing between Chile and Argentina do not mean to cross the Andes, as in Patagonia mountain range that forms part of the Patagonian archipelago. Therefore, after crossing the border the dominant landscape is the vast and windswept steppes. During the tour you can view the distance to the Lake Argentino and the Santa Cruz River on their way to the Atlantic Ocean. After arrival in Calafate you have a short time available, to then start the trip to the Perito Moreno glacier. Once inside the park will be possible to recruit directly a navigation of 45 mintues it approaches the southern wall of the glacier, then you enter the gateway area where, through a series of stairs that connect different viewpoints can be seen ice giant. Return to Puerto Natales is the same way.

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